February 7, 2024

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mbark on a transformative journey into online branding with Rachel Serwetz, the genius behind WOKEN. Gain expert insights on optimizing your LinkedIn profile, fostering authenticity, and leveraging your personal brand for success. Discover how personal branding can elevate your current career and pave the way for future triumphs. Join us to shape a captivating online identity, nurture your brand, and fuel your growth in today’s digital landscape.

Rachel Serwetz, with early roles at Goldman Sachs and Bridgewater Associates in Operations and HR, transitioned to HR Research at Aon Hewitt. Trained at NYU and certified by the International Coach Federation, she earned a Technology MBA at NYU Stern. Assisting professionals in career exploration, she spent the past 4.5 years building WOKEN. Rachel serves as an Adjunct Professor at Binghamton University and has been a Career Coach at institutions including the Flatiron School/WeWork, Columbia University, and Project Activate.

Key Takeaways:

  • LinkedIn is as important as the traditional resume, serving as a dynamic, public-facing, and evolving document for continuous updates, engagement, and networking.
  • Strategic decisions shape personal branding on LinkedIn, requiring careful curation of highlighted aspects, omissions, and intentional strategy.
  • Overcoming hesitations in online branding, such as women feeling the need to meet all job criteria, necessitates building confidence and seeking external support.
  • Creating a well-optimized LinkedIn profile involves attention to the headline, about section, work experience, and recommendations. Incorporating keywords associated with desired roles is crucial for visibility.
  • Successful career transitions and ongoing professional development depend on maintaining a strong online profile, actively building one’s brand while employed, and engaging in intrapreneurial activities.
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More about WOKEN:

WOKEN is a career coaching company providing coaching sessions as well as a digital career platform that guides professionals through various critical career steps like clarifying one’s career path, deciding on upskilling opportunities, strengthening personal branding materials, networking, job searching, interviewing, and more. We offer texting & emailing with a coach, group coaching & group coworking as well. Our forte is our novel, proven, step-by-step career path exploration process to help individuals clarify their best fit role, industry, and work environment. We have coached hundreds of professionals spanning a wide variety of tenure, roles, and industries. Learn more here: www.iamwoken.com.

Resources & connect with Rachel:

About Raven:

Hi, y’all! I’m Raven O’Neal, a diversely curious serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. But the fun doesn’t stop there. I’m also a mentor, wife, mother, and business expert. I see my business as an extension of all my personal and professional life experiences, embracing growth and learning from a few fumbles along the way.

Throughout my business journey, I’ve supported over 500 female-led startups, advised more than 200 founders 1:1, and played a role in facilitating over $100M in funding. My calling is to help women transform their businesses and lives through collaboration and partnerships. I look forward to being with you every step of the way on your journey to growth and transformation. If you want to join the conversation, be sure to hit Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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