February 28, 2024

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oin us in this enlightening podcast episode as we welcome the remarkable ⁠Nicholle Taylor⁠, Co-Founder and General Partner of Aponi Advisors. Nicholle, a seasoned professional with a background in sales, operations, and multinational environments, shares her passion for nurturing talent and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within organizations.

With a talent for driving efficiency and fostering strong client relationships, Nicholle offers a wealth of experience and valuable insights into effective negotiation strategies. As a dedicated lifelong learner, she discusses her continuous pursuit of new perspectives, and her ability to connect disparate elements to create innovative solutions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Nicholle’s expertise and wisdom as she provides a roadmap for mastering the art of negotiation in both personal and professional contexts. Tune in and gain the confidence to skillfully navigate any negotiation with poise and success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tailor your negotiation approach by exploring Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers (MESOs) to create mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Adopt a curious mindset to ask questions and understand the other party’s perspective, fostering alignment and collaboration.
  • Use anchoring to set the negotiation tone with your first offer, and employ mirroring to adapt your communication style to the other party.
  • Respond to biased questions by reframing the answer to subtly challenge the bias and redirect the conversation.
  • Enhance negotiation skills through courses, reading, and real-life practice to confidently navigate diverse situations.
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Connect with Nicholle:

About Raven:

Hi, y’all! I’m Raven O’Neal, a diversely curious serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. But the fun doesn’t stop there. I’m also a mentor, wife, mother, and business expert. I see my business as an extension of all my personal and professional life experiences, embracing growth and learning from a few fumbles along the way.

Throughout my business journey, I’ve supported over 500 female-led startups, advised more than 200 founders 1:1, and played a role in facilitating over $100M in funding. My calling is to help women transform their businesses and lives through collaboration and partnerships. I look forward to being with you every step of the way on your journey to growth and transformation. If you want to join the conversation, be sure to hit Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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