February 14, 2024

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eady to elevate your career? Uncover invaluable interviewing hacks with Laura Leach, CEO of Meredith Consulting. With over 20 years in technology recruitment, Laura specializes in coaching female tech leaders, guiding their transition to purposeful careers, and negotiating the salaries they truly deserve. She’s your confidence-building guru, offering actionable job search strategies for lucrative outcomes.

Based in the Bay Area and San Diego, Laura finds joy in hiking, exploring new restaurants, and occasionally pretending to surf. Beyond her personal pursuits, she’s a driving force for good as a Board member for Phase2Careers, a non-profit advocating for professionals over 40, combating ageism, championing pay equity, and sharing effective job search strategies. Dive into Episode 5 and let Laura empower you to navigate your interviewing process with skill and confidence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Potential challenges for women, such as imposter syndrome and a tendency to hold back in expressing thoughts.
  • Practice and record yourself to enhance your communication skills and build confidence.
  • Have a solid networking strategy over solely relying on submitting applications through online platforms.
  • Focus on how your experiences and skills can make an impact in a new role or industry to help communicate your value.
  • Celebrate every milestone in the job search process, including small victories.
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Connect with Laura:

About Raven:

Hi, y’all! I’m Raven O’Neal, a diversely curious serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. But the fun doesn’t stop there. I’m also a mentor, wife, mother, and business expert. I see my business as an extension of all my personal and professional life experiences, embracing growth and learning from a few fumbles along the way.

Throughout my business journey, I’ve supported over 500 female-led startups, advised more than 200 founders 1:1, and played a role in facilitating over $100M in funding. My calling is to help women transform their businesses and lives through collaboration and partnerships. I look forward to being with you every step of the way on your journey to growth and transformation. If you want to join the conversation, be sure to hit Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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